Are you hoping to become a hit baker blog/find a cookbook deal?

Hell no! I've some practical plans for the skills that a year of pie baking will bring, but no, no desire for anything other than being a source for pie baking. The blog doesn't do any advertising, no newsletters, no premium content. This isn't a commercial venture.

Who takes the pictures?

I do! Photography is a side hustle, and Year of Pie is a chance to exercise more pastry muscles and a different style of photo work.

Where do you find the recipes?

I've a small collection of cookbooks, ranging from church and civic groups compilations to standard cookbooks and professional references. Also the internet is pretty useful. Usually I look at multiple variations, explore the history and reasons for a pie's existence, and make judgement calls about ingredients. For example, if a recipe claims to be authentic to 1810 but calls for white sugar and cornstarch, well, something changed over the years, so I might substitute in flour and raw sugar.

Why do boring crusts and ancient fillings? Why aren’t you exciting?

Because I'm boring and uncreative? Nah, I believe getting comfortable with the fundamentals is the best approach to learning a new skill. That means starting with basic pie dough, crumb crusts, meringues, cream fillings, chess fillings, curds. Get a solid grasp on how the elements interact, then you start exploring.