Oatmeal Pie

If you like oats, this is a pie for you. Use some good old-fashioned oats (I went with Bob’s Red Mill’s extra thick oats). If you don’t like oats, especially their texture—like my wife—Do Not Make This Pie! It’ll taste great, but you’ll be screaming “But the texture! The texture!!!” She’s since nicknamed this “Torture Pie.”

This came on my radar back in the summer. A co-worker mentioned it while we were chatting about pies—as bakers do—and she asked about oatmeal pie. I’d never heard of it, she had but never eaten it.

As a pie, it falls into the chess/pecan pie family. Many of the recipes I’ve found add coconut, which I’m sure adds a nice touch. And most use corn syrup. I’m not a big corn syrup fan, so I based this off of Damn Lee Fowler’s Bourbon Pecan pie recipe.

The oats benefit from a light toasting and a soak in the filling. Spread them on a cookie sheet, bake in a 400-425˚ oven, stirring every 5 minutes, till they pick up some color and have a nice aroma. Then, while the shell bakes, mix the filling and allow to sit—this let us squeeze a half cup of half-and-half into the filling.

Additional options? Oh, chocolate chips would rock. Four & Twenty Blackbirds add a black bottom. Quite a few classic versions add coconut or spices. Raisins and other dried fruit would fit in well with the desperation roots.



  • 9” blind-baked pie shell


  • 1½ C Toasted Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats

  • 3 Large Eggs

  • 1½ C light brown sugar, lightly packed

  • 2oz Butter, melted

  • 1Tbls Vanilla

  • ½ C Half-and-Half/Cream


  1. Toast the oats on a sheet pan, 425˚ 10-15 minutes, stirring every five. You’re looking for some browning and a toasty aroma.

  2. Start blind baking the shell.

  3. Mix the eggs and sugar till they form a paste. Stir in the butter, vanilla, salt, and half-and-half. Fold in the oats and set aside to let the oats absorb liquid.

  4. When the shell is finished baking, let cool for five minutes and set the oven to 375˚.

  5. Pour filling into your crust, and bake for 10 minutes. Reduce the heat to 325˚ and bake till set, 20-30 minutes.

  6. Cool and eat!