Why So Long?

Four years. That's about how long it took to get a Year of Pie ("YoP") into the oven. Why? That's what my friends want to know. Aside from some serious personal-life conflicts, it's a serious public commitment. One pie. Every week. With photos. And writing. On top of that, the pressure to share, even share failures? You got to be kidding.

I really have no idea what to expect. There's already been a steep learning curve with food photography, lighting, staging. It's 180˚ from what I do. And the writing? School was decades ago. Committing coherent thoughts to paper is a stiff, stiff muscle.

At culinary school, Chef Mark always quoted Vince Lombardi: "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." I'm a bigger believer in "Perfect is the enemy of good," but practice makes it easier. Each pie feels a little easier as kinks work themselves out. YoP has a few weeks of work in the bank. The next month of baking is planned out. Why wait for the perfect moment when now will do just fine?