Mud Pie, Take One

I’m trying hard not to call this Stoner Pie. It’s a first attempt at a slightly more grown-up version of that childhood concoction of instant pudding and whipped topping popular in the South. But I completely own the fact that it sounds like something a couple stoners would dream up.
“Hey, like, let’s put a brownie in an oreo crust, cover it with pudding and chocolate whipped cream.”
“Yeah, man, put MORE whipped cream on top."
"Heh,heh, and crumble oreos over it.”

So that was the idea.

I pulled components from different places and mixed and matched methods. The attempt at doing a Christina Tossi style crumb crust with Oreos didn't go well. Then a brownie layer topped with pudding, a chocolate mousse, and finally whipped cream.

The execution? Not so great. No recipe because it didn’t work out in any useful way aside from kinda showing where it needs work. The flavors were good, but what should've been a mousse layer was overwhipped and seized. The crust was concrete, the brownie too soft. And like the Mississippi Mud Pie I remember as a kid, this came out looking about as sexy as a scoop of mud.

A refined process will come, after another go around of development.